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At First On Track, you have access to a very innovative motorcycle racing course on circuit: personalized training. This course is ideal to get better in the best conditions since your instructor will provide you with personal advise tailored to your level of piloting.

This personalized training course is open to everyone – whether you’re a beginner or a pilot. It takes place during one full day and enables you to either :

- Safely discover the circuit (FIRST 1 beginner)
- Rectify what you’re doing wrong and we show you the piloting techniques (FIRST 2 intermediate)
- Get better at racing to get to the next step (FIRST 3 advanced)

un stage de pilotage moto avec Freddy Foray Un stage de pilotage moto avec Sébastien Charpentier

Whatever your level is, here’s the schedule for the day:

Quel que soit votre niveau, votre journée de suivi personnalisé se déroule ainsi:

- 8 am welcome in the FIRST-ON-TRACK booth with some coffee.
- Introduction to your coach and information on how the day will unfold.
- Work on position to take on the motorcycle (static) (FIRST1 & 2) reminder for the others.
- Discovery of the circuit on the first session (FIRST1) or getting your bearings for others.
- We debrief at the end of the sesssion upon returning to the booth.
- Work on trajectories at getting your bearings with the coach.
- Exercises to complete by yourself on the track
- Driving session and exercises with your coach.
- Lunch between noon and 1PM or noon and 2PM depending on the circuit.
- Evaluation of your progression
- Exercises resume.
- Debrief at the end of the day.


The short number of participants enables you to get a personalized training under the best conditions to get better and have more fun on your drive.

Stage de pilotage moto avec Sébastien Charpentier sur le circuit de Magny-Cours

Motorcycle driving experience FIRST 1

This package is designed for those who have rarely driven on circuit as well as for beginners. The philosophy of this personalized coaching is to enable you to understand and assimilate your reactions as well as those of your motorcycle.
We will look into several parameters:
The position (to drive your motorcycle), where you’re looking (in order to turn on a curve) anticipate the unforeseen (brake and accelerate again)
You will gain serenity and confidence in your driving. You’ll feel more at ease, both on the road and on circuit.
You’ll perhaps get the driving bug…

Motorcycle driving experience FIRST 2

This package is designed for those who have already practiced on circuit on multiple occasions. In this case, the personalized coaching enables you to gain the grip in riding your motorcycle. You will be working with your coach on:
“reading” the track, getting a better grip on trajectories, but also on getting your bearings : brakes, smooth turns, accelerating. You will also be working on how to move on your motorcycle as well as your position.
With this personalized coaching, you will safely get better. Your motorcycle driving skills on circuit will become more grounded and less “shaky”.

Motorcycle driving experience FIRST 3

This package is designed for those who practice motorcycle driving regularly on circuit. The philosophy of this personalized coaching becomes racing! Working with your coach will help you go beyond the distance in your motorcycle driving skills.
It starts to get high level: breaking on the angle, handling the engine break and the throttle, corner speed…
You will continue to get better thanks to this personalized training and you’ll gain a much better grip on circuit driving.

Le casque d'un des moniteurs de stages de pilotage moto First On Track Le casque de Sébastien Charpentier


Price : 300 € (does not include the registration for the day). Thank you for contacting us to book your personalized training ahead of time. Limited availability for each day.

The necessary equipment for a driving experience:
a Leather jumsuit (one piece), or a mix of pants + leather jacket, or a mix of two pieces of leather, one pair of gloves and some eather boots. A back protection is also recommended. You can rent the equipment for the day if you’re not equipped. All you need to do is book it during your booking.


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