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Roulage moto sur circuit avec First On Track


An ambulance and a doctor will be there during the entire day.

The team is in touch via walkie-talkie and covers the whole circuit. For more safety and fun, all the pilots are equipped with a transponder (except at Dijon and Alès). Pilots are placed in groups of different levels based on their performance.

The motorcycles must be in perfect condition: brakes, tires and suspension... All the parts that are made of glass must be glued. The rear mirrors must be removed. These points are checked before your first drive when on the starting line.

We report all our activities to Berkley insurance. Your registration includes an RC insurance. Additionally you can subscribe to an accident individual insurance if you do not hold any. However it is not mandatory.

It is forbidden to loan your vehicle to another driver who hasn’t subscribed to the event.

Une moto de circuit First On Track Une journée roulage moto sur circuit avec First On Track

Services and commodities on circuit

A First On Track truck is present on all the motorcycle circuit events: you will get access to a compressor for the pressure of your tires, you can buy and set up your tires, lever, oil, tires drain kit, ... Vatéa Deloge, experienced mechanic will also be there…

A professional photographer participates to all our events and courses: you can leave in the evening with the photos of your performance on track!

Check out our circuits page and get all the practical information on all the season circuits. Get in touch with us if you’re coming from far away and you wish to travel together with other pilots who are coming from the same area. We’ll proceed with an introduction.

moto-circuit-4 Une moto First On Track pour le roulage sur circuit moto-circuit-5 Une moto First On Track pour le roulage sur circuit


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